Business Model

Dechra has a clear business model for delivering value:

  • Our market knowledge, regulatory expertise, strong reputation and management experience helps us to identify potential product development targets, in-licensing and acquisition opportunities, focusing on specialist products in defined therapeutic areas.
  • Our skilled Product Development and Regulatory team achieves international approvals and registrations.
  • Manufacturing, which plays an integral part in the formulation and dosage form development, manufactures products as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • Following registration and manufacture of our products, experienced sales and marketing teams in the EU and US market our products directly to veterinary practices and indirectly through export partners to maximise awareness and sales of our products to veterinarians globally.
  • This integrated approach of development, manufacturing and sales and marketing creates value for the business and its stakeholders.

Vetoryl Capsules

Vetoryl for the US market is now manufactured in-house at DPM, Skipton