DVP EU Strengths and Capabilities

Tony Griffin Managing Director

René Hogenkamp Finance Director

Giles Coley Sales and Marketing Director, Region I

Jan Jaap Korevaar Sales and Marketing Director, Region II

Carsten Jeppesen Logistics Director Europe

Marie-Louise Mans HR Director Europe

Region I: Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden and UK

Region II: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal and Spain

What We Do

DVP EU markets and sells Dechra's veterinary products throughout Europe and exports to over 40 countries worldwide. The business has an operating board of six senior managers, and is managed from Bladel, the Netherlands, Sansaw, UK, and Uldum, Denmark. In total, DVP EU employs 318 people. Inventory is managed through a central distribution centre in Uldum, Denmark.

DVP EU has sales operations in 12 countries; Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK, each run by regional country managers. DVP EU also exports to other European countries such as Austria, Italy and Poland, and across the globe to Australia, Brazil, Canada, the Middle East and the Far East.

The key products in the DVP EU portfolio are predominantly companion animal products; however, with the acquisition of Eurovet, the range has expanded into the food producing animal market. During the year we have integrated the expertise and products from Eurovet and have continued to develop the Dechra brand across Europe. This drive to grow the brand will continue in the future with the launch of new products from the pipeline, an increased technical and educational programme, and expansion into new markets.

Our Market

Our customers are principally veterinarians; however, in some territories the route to market is through wholesalers and pharmacies. Our products are distributed through a mixture of our own direct sales, wholesalers and national distributor channels. When critical mass within a country is reached, and whenever financially beneficial, local sales operations are established. We look to build teams with local knowledge who can draw from Dechra's technical expertise across the Group.

Our Expertise

In order to forge relationships with customers, technical dinners and seminars are held to provide a face-to-face programme to educate veterinarians on our key therapeutic sectors. Key opinion leaders, at both local and international levels, are recruited for seminars and presentations; additionally, webinars and online interactive educational tools are available on the DVP EU website.

We have identified eight core therapeutic categories where we leverage our expertise: endocrinology, dermatology, ophthalmology, equine, cardiovascular, analgesia and critical care, diets/nutrition, and antibiotics for food producing animals. As well as novel products, DVP EU also produces generic products and specialist, therapeutic and maintenance pet diets.

"Our customers are principally veterinarians; however, in some territories the route to market is through wholesalers and pharmacies."

Looking Forward

DVP EU is performing strongly in the three major European markets. The UK was the fastest growing EU market during the year, France and Germany also saw solid growth. DVP EU's export business is also expanding in markets around the world. In endocrinology, an important therapeutic sector, Vetoryl, Felimazole and Forthyron® are key growth drivers as we gain marketing approval in an increasing number of countries.

Other key products include the broad dermatology range, including Fuciderm®, Malaseb, Canaural®and the DermaPet range. Cardisure, a generic product in DVP EU's cardiovascular category, shows significant potential, as does Comfortan®, a recently approved product, in the analgesic category. Over ten technical seminars were held to introduce Comfortan to veterinarians in the UK, a total of 865 veterinarians attended, demonstrating a strong interest in this product.

Across all territories the business is committed to developing new products and services that support the work of veterinarians. We will be expanding the Dechra brand through newly established subsidiaries within the EU and we will continue to develop our international presence through strong relationships with key partners.

Canaural was first launched in 1975 and is now registered in 27 countries