Product Pipeline

Our product pipeline is critical to our future success. Our novel and generics projects are very diverse, with the majority building on our key therapy areas. We invest when we can identify growth opportunities with a clear financial return focusing on novel therapies to treat unmet needs with intellectual property protection. Our approach ensures we create sustainable growth throughout our targeted global markets.

Low Risk Strategy

There are various stage gates throughout the life of a development project where progress is reviewed and decisions are taken on whether to continue or not. Development is inherently risky and our stepped approach mitigates the risk of a costly failure.

Wide Range of Projects

In addition to the projects shown below, there are several other exploratory projects, line extensions, territory expansions and life cycle management projects. There is also an ongoing programme that renews and redevelops the Specific range of pet diets.

Key Projects

Therapeutic CategorySpeciesTerritoryManufacturingPre-clinicalClinicalFileFirst Expected Launch
EndocrinologyDogsEUOutsourced2014 (UK)/
2016 (EU)
EquineHorsesInternationalOutsourced2014 (UK)

Future Value

The expected revenue from these projects at peak is estimated to be circa £35 million. It takes approximately four to five years after launch for a product to reach peak sales.