Technical CE Meetings

DVP US organises technical continuing education ("CE") meetings which are centred around the education of veterinarians in terms of recognising, diagnosing, treating and managing diseases. The meetings are designed to improve awareness of Dechra and instil the message that Dechra is a company with state-of-the-art products, technical knowledge and a commitment to supporting the veterinary community.

The meetings are an ongoing series of dinner seminars, with around 150 held each year across the US. Some of these events are organised by the Veterinary Medical Association ("VMA") and are hosted by Dechra veterinarians. They feature guest speakers including experts and key opinion leaders, such as specialists and university veterinary clinicians who are respected leaders in their discipline. Dechra also sponsors evenings that do not feature a Dechra speaker, when they cover topics pertinent to our products. This gives Dechra independent, third party support and adds to the Company's reputation.

From a strategic point of view, these evenings are an inroad to markets DVP US is targeting, and ensures attendees are aware of Dechra products and how to use them as their first choice treatments. The seminars are RACE ("Registry for Approved Continuing Education") approved, meaning that veterinarians gain educational credits for attending, as well as increasing their knowledge on diseases and treatments.

On average Dechra-led seminars are attended by over 5,000 veterinarians a year, with this figure rising significantly when Dechra-sponsored evenings are held at major veterinary congresses. Since Vetoryl's launch in 2008 it is estimated around 4,000 veterinarians have attended a seminar specific to this product which supports the momentum DVP is currently building in the US.

Technical meeting

Within the year DVP US held almost 100 meetings with over 3,300 veterinarians in attendance